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Birth records in the United States of America fall into the category of vital records and are managed and kept at the state and local level, often times at the county of birth level. This is true no matter if you are looking for California, Texas or even [mmjs-regionname] birth records

If you are doing genealogy research you may be trying to obtain a copy of a birth certificate or some other type of birth records. To do so, you will usually want to contact the official state vital records office to begin your search.

If you are looking to obtain a copy of your own birth records or those of someone else close to you, you will also want to start with the same records office.

For detailed instructions, simply locate the state you are searching for in the right hand side of this page for an overview of the procedures for that state as well as the address, phone number, website address and a map to that state’s vital records office.

You should keep in mind that most government offices will restrict who can obtain copies of certified birth certificate records and will also charge a fee to pull the records and to make copies of it. It can also sometimes take weeks to complete the process. This is of course different depending on the state.

An Alternate Method for Obtaining Birth Records Data:

A faster option for obtaining birth records is to hire a private investigator or use a paid online birth records database company to search for birth records. Let’s consider both options.

Hiring a private investigator (often referred to as a private eye or private detective) is the most expensive option. It is not uncommon to pay more than $100 to simply verify a birth date and obtain some other types of birth records. The good thing about this option is you are normally guaranteed to get results and it requires very little work on your part.

The second option, using an online paid birth records or public records database company is the lesser expensive option. You can normally conduct a free preliminary search to ensure the database has information on the person you are looking for, then you will have to pay a fee in order to access whatever information the company has on the subject.

The box at the top right hand side of our website page is provided by one of our website sponsors. If you enter the data for the individual you are search for birth records on, it will do a preliminary search to see what data, if any, is available. You then only pay if you find records and want access to them.

Below is a sample screenshot of the types of birth records searches available in these online birth records paid databases: